"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
Covenant Church (PCA) - Houston, TX
Saturday, October 31, 2020
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education: Sundays 9:40 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

FAll 2020
The Adult Sunday School class is studying "Paul, the Man and His Mission", a series of lectures
by Edward T. Donnelly. Pastor Julian Zugg leads the class, which meet Sunday mornings 9:40-10:30 on Zoom.
Also meeting this Fall is a New Members' class. This class is for anyone interested in learning
more about our church or becoming a member. It meets virtually on Tuesday evenings,
7:00-7:35. Pastor Lou Veiga leads this 8-week class which began September 15th.
Links to Notes for Past Sunday School Classes
Types of Christ (Summer 2017)
Biblical Themes (Winter 2013)
1 Timothy - Sunday School Notes (Winter/Spring 2009)
God Alone - Sunday School Notes (Fall/Winter 2008)
Minor Prophets - Sunday School Notes (Winters 2003 to 2008)
1& 2 Peter - Sunday School Notes (Winter 2006/2007)

Discipline of Grace - Sunday School Notes (Fall 2006)

Covenant Theology - Sunday School Notes (Fall 2006)

Exodus - Sunday School Notes (Summers 2006)

Class ended December 5, 2010

Sermon on the Mount - taught by Pastor Lou Veiga    

 Text: The Sermon on the Mount: Living Life as Christ Taught It by Gordon K. Reed

2010-11 Winter Class Schedule
Class ended February 2011

Westminster Standards - taught by Pastor Lou Veiga

The Book of Esther - taught by Elder Scott Baker

2010 Fall Class Schedule
2010 Summer Class Schedule
Class ended August 29, 2010

Basic Presbyterian Doctrine & Church History - taught by  Elder Ted Hess

2010 Spring Class Schedule
Class ended May 30, 2010

Corporate Worship - taught by  Pastor Lou Veiga  

Text: Reformed Worship by Terry Johnson

2009-10 Winter Class Schedule
Class ended February 28, 2010 

Back to Basics: Family Worship - taught by  Pastor Lou Veiga     Text: Family Worship Book by Terry Johnson
Very often our health begins to wane because of a deficiency in just one or two important elements, such as Vitamin C, or B12.  No amount of medicine or exercise will heal this malady, but a return to sound eating habits will often restore us to health relatively quickly.  Similarly, our family life has a spiritual aspect that cannot be neglected.  Very often, the church becomes misguided and will address family trouble with lots of innovative programs, worship style changes, and church activity - further distracting the family from its real ailment, and diluting its reserves of strength.  Yet it is an established fact in history that families that worship God together daily are blessed by God and receive many benefits through this discipline.

This 12-week adult Sunday School class will examine the nature, Biblical warrant, and history of family worship.  It will examine the benefits to the family, to the church, and to society by this practice.  it will also give practical counsel on how heads of families can fulfill their God-given duty to lead their family at worship daily - and enjoy new spiritual vitality by returning to an age-old fundamental of the Christian faith: Family Worship!

2009 Fall Class Schedule
Class ended November 30, 2009

The God We Love & Serve - taught by Mr. David Van Voorhis      Text: The God We Love & Serve by Allen Dale Curry

Two things will happen to you as you read The God We Love & Serve. First, you'll take a journey through the Bible--to examine God's character, meditate on Him, and come to a fuller understanding of who He is.  Not a comprehensive study, this is a brief look at selected aspects of God's nature and work.  Yet the author's purpose goes beyond simply learning about God.  Second you'll discover that knowing the true and living God will change our life.  It will produce in you a zeal to love and serve him. 
2009 Summer Class Schedule
Class ended August 30, 2009

Faith Victorious: A Study in Hebrews 11 - taught by  Elder Ted Hess     Text: Faith Victorious by Richard D. Phillips 
There's hardly a topic more important than faith.  And no portion of Scripture demonstrates the vitality of faith better than Hebrews 11. "This chapter is to faith what the thirteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians is to love," writes Richard Phillips.  "Hebrews 11 is the work of a master teacher and loving pastor who is convinced that the fate of his readers hinges on their faith."  In this study of Hebrews 11 we find answers to some of our most pressing questions: What is faith?  How do we get faith?  What are its benefits?  How does faith respond to life's trials?  We also enter the fascinating world of Old Testament men and women whose vision of a sure hope beyond their struggles led them to acts of great courage.  Like the first audience of the Book of Hebrews the church today faces mounting opposition--and the danger of falling away from the truth.  Faith Victorious is an inspiring call to persevere in the faith and to spur each other on to love and good deeds.

2009 Winter/Spring Class Schedule
Class ended May 31, 2009


The Book of 1 Timothy - taught by  Elder Scott Baker     Text: Online Notes
First Timothy is one of Paul's "pastoral" epistles, written to Timothy as he pastors the church of Ephesus.  This letter is filled with much practical instruction for the young leader of a difficult congregation.  The theme of the letter can be summarized as a "Code of Conduct for a Christian Church," for Paul teaches Timothy and us how we are to live and behave in the Church of God.  Topics include church leadership, church relationships, prayer, caring for widows, godliness and practical piety, and exhortations to guard the true faith and flee false teaching.  This letter is particularly relevant to the congregation of Covenant PCA as we await God's timing in calling our next pastor, for in Timothy we have a role model for the pastor after God's own heart.

2008 Fall/Winter Class Schedule
Class ended January 25, 2009 

God Alone - R.C. Sproul video series - discussion led by Elder Scott Baker      Text: God Alone workbook and  Online Notes

This video series covers the great "solas" of the Reformation: 1) Sola fide; 2) Sola scriptura; 3) Solus Christus; 4) Sola gratia; and 5) Soli Deo Gloria.  The class will be organized in three week sessions for each "sola": 1 week to watch the pair of Sproul videos on the subject; and then 2 weeks of discussion on the topics raised in the videos.
2008 Summer Class Schedule
Class ended October 5, 2008 

Pleasing God - R.C. Sproul video series - discussion led by Mr. Andy Edwards      Text: Pleasing God workbook

2008 Spring Class Schedule
Class ended July 6, 2008 

Peacemakers: Resolving Conflict God's Way - taught by Mr. Andy Edwards      Text: The Peacemaker by Ken Sande
The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict by Ken Sande is a well-recognized and widely used book on Christian conflict resolution.  It has been used on the individual, church, presbytery, and denominational levels.  Peacemaker Ministries offers resource materials, seminars, and counseling.  The class will utilize both the Peacemaker book by Ken Sande and the Peacemaker seminar workbook.  The material draws upon work by Dr. Jay Adams and is both biblically basd and very practical.  It will challenge each one of us.  The goal of the class is for each of us to come away with a better understanding of how to have a greater commitment to glorify God when conflicts arise in our lives. 

2007-8 Winter Class Schedule
Class ended February 24, 2008

The Night Visions of Zechariah - taught by  
Elder Scott Baker    
Online Notes
Our studies in the Minor Prophets near conclusion as we begin our study of the book of Zechariah.  This class will cover the first half of Zechariah (chapters 1-6).  In this section, Zechariah is given eight Night Visions by God.  The immediate historical purpose of these visions was to encourage the people of God in their efforts to rebuild the temple of God in Jerusalem.  However, these visions are much richer than the immediate context, for they prophesy of the coming Messiah, who is both priest and king.  Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all the prophecies in the Night Visions, and our study in Zechariah will enrich your understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done.  Finally, these visions are full of application for the modern church of God, as we are justified in Jesus, clothed in His imputed righteousness, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to shine forth the gospel in a dark world.  Join in our study of the Night Visions of Zechariah, and "Behold the Branch" - the Lord Jesus Christ! 
2007 Fall Class Schedule
Classes ended November 25, 2007
Westminster Confession of Faith (II) - taught by Deacon Doug Lindauer     Text: Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes by G. I. Williamson
The Westminster Confession of Faith is the confessional standard of the Presbyterian Church in America.  This course will be presented over three non-consecutive quarters, with this second quarter starting in Chapter 4.  The primary objective of this class is to present a very accessible introduction and overview of the Reformed faith, particularly for those who may come from a different theological background or who are new Christians.  It will be a course long on stimulating discussion and straighforward teaching, bur short on advanced academic vocabulary.  People from all backgrounds should find it useful and encouraging.  Come prepared to learn and have your love of God and His truth strengthened. 
This course is especially recommended for anyone who is new to Covenant, new to Presbyterianism, or new to the Reformed faith.

Practice of Godliness - taught by Deacon Chris Willis      Text: Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges
1 Timothy 4:8 states "Godliness has value for all things."  But what is godliness and how do we become more godly?  The Practice of Godliness will show us what it means to grow in Christian character and establish the foundation upon which that character is built.  Topics such as devotion to God,  deepening that devotion,  training ourselves to be godly,  taking on God's character, and developing the fruit of the Spirit will be covered.  Bridges books are simple, foundational and practical in helping Christians to be more Christ-like, not only in thought but in deed.

2007 Summer Class Schedule
Class ended August 26, 2007
Tell the Truth - taught by Sr. Pastor Bob Roane Text: Tell the Truth: The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People by Will Metzger
What is evangelism?  Inviting people to a Bible study?  Presenting three or four basic facts?  Feeding the hungry?  Being a friend to non-Christians?  "The mandate our Lord gave us," writes Will  Metzger, "was to teach 'them to obey everything I have commanded.'" Metzger (a PCA pastor and evangelist) helps us tell the truth--and the whole truth--with a comprehensive presentation of what it means for whole people to offer the whole gospel to the whole of a person's life.
Metzger begins by fully examining the content of the gospel  message, emphasizing God's holiness and sovereignty as well as His love. Next he considers how this gospel seeks not merely to evoke decisions, but to engage the mind, move the emotions and challenge the will so that conversation is true and total.  After describing what the bearers of the Good News are to be like, Metzger concludes with practical suggestions for communicating the message of salvation.   An appendix offers tools for training others in evangelism.  Here is a book for those wanting to grow in God-centered witnessing. 
2007 Spring Class Schedule
Classes ended May 27, 2007
Westminster Confession of Faith (I) - taught by Doug Lindauer     Text: Westminster Confession of Faith for Study Classes by G. I. Williamson
The Westminster Confession of Faith is the confessional standard of the Presbyterian Church in America.  This course will be presented over three non-consecutive quarters, with this first quarter covering Chapters 1 through 8, dealing with the study of God.  The primary objective of this class is to present a very accessible introduction and overview of the Reformed faith, particularly for those who may come from a different theological background or who are new Christians.  It will be a course long on stimulating discussion and straighforward teaching, bur short on advanced academic vocabulary.  People from all backgrounds should find it useful and encouraging.  Come prepared to learn and have your love of God and His truth strengthened.  
This course is especially recommended for anyone who is new to Covenant, new to Presbyterianism, or new to the Reformed faith.

Pilgrim's Progress - taught by  
Elder Ted Hess     Text: Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan
Charles Spurgeon called Pilgrim's Progress the most important book in his life, besides the Bible.  Countless others have undoubtedly felt the same way, making John Bunyan's work second only to the Bible in sales since its first printing in 1678.  Translated into over 100 languages, it is considered a classic in English literature as well as in practical theololgy.  What is it that could confer such status on a relatively short book, written by the modestly educated son of a tinker?  Perhaps the answer is found in the words of one commentator: "There are many books available to be read, but very few are worth reading, and they are those which stimulate imagination and thoughtful, godly meditation.  This is such a book."  Come to study and discuss this classic story of Christian's journey and discover for yourself why it is worth reading.
2006-7 Winter Class Schedule
Classes ended February 25, 2007

The Books of 1&2 Peter - taught by Andy Edwards      Text: Out of Print; Online Notes
As Peter writes to Christians dispersed in a pagan world, so we find ourselves today in a very similar situation.  Peter writes to his readers to encourage and strengthen them in the face of their trials and to remind them of the wonderful blessings and privileges that they have in Christ. 1 & 2 Peter also provide clear teaching on false teachers and our relationships both to fellow Christians and to unbelievers, in the workplace and in the home, in the church and in society at large. These books focus on the one thing that keeps us going - our living hope in Christ Jesus, and remind us of our single objective - that in all things God may be praised!

The Books of Obadiah, Jonah, & Malachi - taught by  Elder Scott Baker     Text: Online Notes
Our studies in the Minor Prophets continue with three very different, yet important books.  Obadiah is shortest book in the Old Testament and one of the least known.  Yet his theme of "the doom of Edom" has a pertinent message to the church about the sins of pride and unbrotherliness.  Obadiah ends with a message of encouragment that Jesus Christ brings deliverance: "the kingdom is the LORD's."
On the other end of the spectrum is Jonah, one of the best known stories in the Old Testament.  Instead of focusing on Jonah as a fish tale, we will study the message of the book of Jonah - "Repent, Nineveh, Repent!" - and its implications for our lives.  In particular, we will note the grace and mercy of God who delights in saving those who repent, from every nation, tongue, and tribe.  Truly, "salvation is of the LORD."
Our final seven weeks will be in the book of Malachi, who ends the Old Testament with a somber message to the church. "Reforming and Refining the Covenant People" is the theme of of this messenger who exposes the soft and lax worship of God's people and challenges them to worship the LORD  according to God's revealed Word.  While God will curse the wicked, the Sun of Righteousness will bless the faithful and make them His precious jewels.

2006 Fall Class Schedule
Classes ended November 26, 2006

Discipline of Grace - taught by Deacon Chris Willis      Text: Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges
Do you have good days and bad days?  How do you relate to God on the good days?  the bad days?  How does God relate to you on the good and bad days?  For answers to these and many other burning questions, come to the class on the Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges (this book is a follow up to Pursuit of Holiness by the same author).  We'll explore how grace and discipline interact, what God does for us and what He expects from us.  We'll also look at topics such as: What is God's role and our responsibility in sanctification?  Are we the pharisee or the tax collector?  Have we died to sin and what does that mean in our Christian life?  How are we being transformed daily?  Who do we need to preach the gospel to?  This book will challenge you to know the Lord more deeply, and take some of the mystery out of sanctification and living for Christ daily. Come and enjoy!

Covenant Theology - taught by  Associate Pastor Julian Zugg       Text: Christ of the Covenants or Covenants by O. Palmer Robertson
Love, Chickens, Marriage, and Covenants:
Everything you ever wanted to know about Covenant Theology but were afraid to ask.  God's Covenant is central to the Bible and to its theology.  This course will address issues such as how to read the Bible covenantally, what is the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, and what are the fundamental theology structures of God's word.  Along the way you might even learn the significance of the birds of the air in the book of Kings!  We will begin the course by a two-week overview of the importance of covenantal structures in the Bible and then look more in-depth at the individual covenants throughout Scripture.  In addition to the two companion texts for this class by Palmer Robertson, rough guidance notes will be made available a week or so in advance of each class.  Full discussion and participation is encouraged. 

2006 Summer Class Schedule 
Class ended August 27, 2006

Exodus I: The Redemption of God - taught by Elder Scott Baker       Text: Online Notes
We are following up our studies in the Pentateuch after four summer quarters in the book of Genesis by starting into the book of Exodus.  Exodus continues the story begun in Genesis.  Lord willing, we will look at the book of Exodus for the next three summer quarters.  In this quarter, we will cover Exodus 1:1 - 15:21.  The subtitle of this first quarter accurately sums up the theme of this section of Scripture - The Redemption of God.  The power, holiness, and glory of God are on display as He redeems His people out of bondage to slavery and sin and brings them out by His mighty hand and outstretched arm.  God doesn't simply save His people to set them free to follow their own path.  Rather, the purpose of Israel's redemption (and ours through Christ) is to serve Him, to worship Him, to give Him praise and glory.  Our study of Exodus will be theological, Christological, and practical.  Join us this summer for a look at Exodus 1 - the Redemption of God.

2006 Spring Class Schedule
Classes ended May 28, 2006

The Fullness of Worship - taught by Steve Larson; Text: Discovering the Fullness of Worship by Paul Engle
According to Paul Engle, "The Bible clearly teaches that worship depends on knowing the self-revealing God."  God-centered worship is at the core of our call as Christians.  In this class we will examine what the Bible says concerning the origin of worship, the nature of worship, the parts of worship, the purpose of worship, and how we may enrich our private and corporate worship.  Our textbook's 12 chapters are divided into three parts, Worship Under the Old Covenant, Worship Under the New Covenant, and The History of Christian Worship.  Join us for this study of Christian worship, a topic not only of great relevance to the contemporary church, but one which is attracting considerable attention within Presbyterian and Reformed circles.

The Sermon on the Mount - taught by Andy Edwards; Text: The Message of the Sermon on the Mount by John Stott
"The followers of Jesus are to be different," writes John Stott, "different from both the nominal church an the secular world, different from both the religious and the irreligious.  The Sermon on the Mount is the most complete delineation anywhere in the New Testament of the Christian counter-culture.  Here is a Christian value-system, ethical standard, religious devotion, attitude to money, ambition, lifestyle and network of relationships--all of which are totally at variance with those in the non-Christian world. And this Christian counter-culture is the life of the kingdom of God, a fully human life indeed but lived out under the divine rule."  Join us this quarter and let the words of Jesus challenge you to live as becomes a disciple of Christ.

2005-6 Winter Class Schedule 
Classes ended February 26, 2006

The Book of James - taught by Rev. John Hunt   Text: Sure I Believe - So What! by James Boice
How well does your public Christian face match the truth of your private internal life? … Didn’t think it did!!  It doesn’t matter how enthusiastic your embrace of Christian doctrine and believes, it is how those beliefs are translated into action that shows the honesty of your profession of faith.  Many talk the talk but fewer walk the walk.  Fed up with hypocrisy?  Then take the time to study the book of James with John Hunt using a helpful and easy-to-read book by James Boice.  The book of James will challenge your practical Christianity in a way that almost no other part of the Bible will.  A great follow-up to either Pauline Theology or Lost in the Middle, the book of James will give you concrete exhortations on how to live the Christian life.

The Books of Micah & Haggai - taught by  Scott Baker     Text: Online Notes
Although separated by several centuries with different audiences, different messages, and different styles, the Old Testament prophets Micah and Haggai shared at least one thing in common: these prophets saw some measure of success from their ministries. 

Micah, along with his “better known” colleague Isaiah, played an important role in the reformation under the reign of King Hezekiah.  As a result, Jerusalem was spared destruction and miraculously delivered from the armies of Assyria.  Listen to Micah describe the consequences of sin, the hope of salvation in a mighty Messiah, and the final state of heavenly glory.  Micah also gives us the practical exhortation to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.

Haggai ministered to the restored community of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile.  His exhortation to rebuild the Temple resulted in an immediate response of obedience from God’s people.  Although the glory of the rebuilt Temple was much less than its former glory, Haggai gives us a picture of the greater glory that awaits us.  Building the kingdom for God’s glory is Haggai’s exhortation for us.

2005 Fall Class Schedule 
Classes ended November 27, 2005
Pauline Theology II - taught by Associate Passtor Julian Zugg       Text: None
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Sunday school, Paul II is coming to a classroom near you!  This quarter we will be looking at how the objective atonement is applied to us as Christians; or if you prefer, how God works out His grace in believers, bringing us from death unto life in Christ.  We will begin by looking at how our union with Christ is the basis for our sanctification, then go on to examine how we are to live in the Spirit, followed by the re-creation of the new man after the image of Christ.  Once we have looked at what God has done in us, we will then begin to look at how we as Christians are called to respond: in a life of faith (the defining way of life in the new age); and in the obedience we owe to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
This course builds on the first quarter of Pauline Theology (Spring, 2005), but attendance in the prior quarter is NOT a prerequisite for attending this class.  For those of you who stuck through the first quarter, this material is actually easier to grasp.  If you want to know how to be holy and to live before your God, this is the class for you.

Lost & Found: Christian Living in a Fallen World
Scott Baker, Andy Edwards, & Pastor Bob Roane  Text: Lost in the Middle: Midlife and the Grace of God by Paul David Tripp ; Online Notes

Do you sometimes feel like you are playing the home version of Christian Survivor, thinking that you’ll be the next one “voted off the island”?  Do you wonder when the next big wave of disappointment, regret, sorrow, pain, or failure will be the one that washes you out to sea for good?  Have you ever woken up and realized that your life hasn’t worked out exactly the way you had planned?  If so, you are not alone.  This is the common experience of living in a sinful, fallen world.  Life on this side of gory is hard.  This world is a broken place. 
But there is good news.  You do not have to be paralyzed by regret, defeated by aging, or discouraged by the passing of your dreams.  As is so often the case in your walk with the Lord, the moment of pain is also a moment of grace.  The pain you are experiencing is God’s way to remove the idols we have erected in our lives and draw us closer to Him.  When we take our eyes off our own story and look through God’s eyes, we are re-oriented with the right perspective towards life.

In this discussion-oriented class, we will be covering these issues and more using Paul David Tripp's excellent book, Lost in ithe Middle: Midlife and the Grace of God.  Although the book is directed to those who are in a "midlife crisis," it has wide applicability to all those who are struggling with the problems of sin in this present life, regardless of your age.  Come join with your fellow pilgrims in this life to share your struggles with each other and see how God can transform them from burden to blessing.
2005 Summer Class Schedule 
Class ended August 28, 2005

Genesis IV: The Joseph Story - taught by Elder Scott Baker       Text: Online Notes
This is the fourth summer in a row we have studied the book of Genesis, and this quarter we will finally finish it, Lord willing!  Although the class is subtitled "The Joseph Story," the book of Genesis is really about God and what He is doing in redemptive history.  Join in with your fellow Covenant members to study the story of Joseph and be amazed anew by the power of God's preserving providence.  No text books are being used for this class; notes can be downloaded online.
2005 Spring Class Schedule 
Classes ended May 29, 2005
Personal Holiness - taught by Deacon Chris Willis      Text: Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges
"Be holy, for I am holy," commands God to His people.  But holiness is something that is often missing in the Christian's daily life. Why does holiness seem so unattainable? It may be because Christians are not exactly sure what holiness is.  In The Pursuit of Holiness, author Jerry Bridges writes, “If we sin, it is because we choose to sin—not because we lack the ability to say no to temptation.  We are not defeated; we are simply disobedient.”  Discover how God has equipped you to live a holy life, how reason and emotion influence your will, and how habits and personal discipline play a part in holy living.  This Sunday school class will be discussion-oriented and focus on the practical application of God’s word to everyday Christian living.

Pauline Theology I 
- taught by Associate Pastor Julian Zugg     Text: None
Paul – an apostle, a missionary, a man empowered by the Spirit of God – was a theological genius and the greatest interpreter of the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In this course we will outline Paul’s theology, starting first with the fundamental concepts of Paul’s thought.  Subjects covered will include: consequences of the Fall; the death and resurrection of Christ as the remedy for sin; the objective side of the atonement; the cross as the revelation of the righteousness of God; justification, atonement, and reconciliation; and Sonship and heirship.  Since there are no textbooks for this course, Pastor Zugg has created full and detailed notes.  These will be available online on the church’s website and can be downloaded in the week before the class.  Print them out, read them ahead of time, and bring them with you to class.  The course format will contain both lecture as well as discussion (Q&A).  So, if you want to be renewed in your mind and built up in the most holy faith, or find out the answer to that question that has been bugging you for years, come on in.