"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
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Saturday, January 23, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Sermons Online - 2014

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Archived sermons from the past can be access via the following links:
 Date            Speaker               Scripture             Sermon Title                                                      Series                      
 2014-12-28  Veiga, Lou  Ephesians 1:13-14  God's Seal: The Holy Spirit  Ephesians
 2014-12-28  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 2:8-15  A Place for Man  Genesis
 2014-12-24  Veiga, Lou  Acts 2:22-41  The Gift Almost Passed By  Christmas
 2014-12-24  Concert  Various  Christmas Eve Concert (Music & Scripture)  Christmas
 2014-12-21  Veiga, Lou  Ephesians 1:11-12  Heirs of God in Chrst  Ephesians
 2014-12-21  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 2:4-7  Heaven and Earth Meet in Man  Genesis
 2014-12-14  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 2:1-3  God Institutes the Sabbath  Genesis
 2014-12-07  Veiga, Lou  Ephesians 1:7-10  God's Mystery Is Revealed  Ephesians
 2014-12-07  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 1:28-31  God Gives Man Dominion  Genesis
 2014-11-30  West, Ben  Mark 1:9-13  A Divine Preparation  Mark
 2014-11-30  Arnoult, Blake  Mark 4:1-20  Parable of Parables  
 2014-11-23  Veiga, Lou  Ephesians 1:3-6  Great Praise to God the Father  Ephesians
 2014-11-23  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 1:24-27  Animals, and the Image Bearer  Genesis
 2014-11-16  Veiga, Lou  Ephesians 1:1-2  Grace and Peace in Christ Jesus  Ephesians
 2014-11-16  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 1:20-23  God Adorns His Creation by His Word  Genesis
 2014-11-09  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 1:11-19  God Establishes the Foundation  Genesis
 2014-11-02  West, Ben  Mark 1:1-8  A Prophetic Preparation  Mark
 2014-11-02  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 1:3-10  God Establishes the Foundation  Genesis
 2014-10-26  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:17  Be Content with What You Have  Ten Commandments
 2014-10-26  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 1:1-2  God Begins His Creation  Genesis
 2014-10-19  Miller, Paul  Luke 11:1-13  Lord, Teach Us to Pray (2)  
 2014-10-19  Miller, Paul  Matthew 6:5-15  Lord, Teach Us to Pray (1)  
 2014-10-12  Ashby, Linc  Romans 12:9-21  The Church Being the Church  
 2014-10-05  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:16  Nothing But the Truth  Ten Commandments
 2014-10-05  Veiga, Lou  Romans 16:21-27  More Greetings, More Praised!  Romans
 2014-09-28  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:15  Wealth Must Be Gained Justly  Ten Commandments
 2014-09-28  Veiga, Lou  Romans 16:20  Satan Will Soon Be Crushed  Romans
 2014-09-14  Veiga, Lou  Romans 16:3-16  Some Marks of a Christ-Centered Church  Romans
 2014-09-07  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:13   Life Must Be Preserved  Ten Commandments
 2014-09-07  Veiga, Lou  Romans 16:1-2  Honor Church Patrons  Romans
 2014-08-31  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:14   Be Completely Chaste   Ten Commandments
 2014-08-31  Veiga, Lou  Romans 15:30-33  Gospel Success Through Prayer  Romans
 2014-08-24  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:12  Honor Your Superiors   Ten Commandments
 2014-08-24  Veiga, Lou  Romans 15:22-29  The Desire for Christian Fellowship  Romans
 2014-08-17  West, Ben  Ephesians 5:1-2  Imitators of God  
 2014-08-17  Veiga, Lou  Romans 15:17-21  Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles  Romans
 2014-08-10  Veiga, Lou  Romans 15:14-16  A Pleasing Sacrifice to God  Romans
 2014-08-03  Zugg, Julian  Daniel 2:1-19  Living in Babylon (2)  
 2014-08-03  Zugg, Julian  Zechariah 3:1-5  Cleansed, Clothed, Crowned  
 2014-07-27  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:8-11  A Day with Your God  Ten Commandments
 2014-07-27  Veiga, Lou  Romans 15:8-13  Christ, the Hope of All  Romans
 2014-07-20  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:7  Use God's Name Reverently  Ten Commandments
 2014-07-20  Veiga, Lou  Romans 15:1-7  The Strong Must Serve the Weak  Romans
 2014-07-13  Odum, Matt  Numbers 14:1-20  The Intercessor  
 2014-07-06  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:4-6  Worship God Rightly  Ten Commandments
 2014-07-06  Veiga, Lou  Romans 14:19-23  Build Up, Don't Destroy!  Romans
 2014-06-29  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:3  God Alone Must Be Your God  Ten Commandments
 2014-06-29  Veiga, Lou  Romans 14:14-18  Little Liberty, Much Liberty  Romans
 2014-06-22  Veiga, Lou  Exodus 20:1-2  Our Redeemer Speaks  Ten Commandments
 2014-06-22  Veiga, Lou  Romans 14:10-13  Quit Judging Your Brother!  Romans
 2014-06-15  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 12:1-14  Words Matter  Proverbs
 2014-06-15  Pipa, Joseph  Exodus 34:5-10  The Goodness of God  
 2014-06-08  Veiga, Lou  Romans 14:5-9  Matters of Conscience  Romans
 2014-06-01  West, Ben  John 7:10-24  Teachings Clearly Divine  
 2014-06-01  Zugg, Julian  Daniel 1:1-21  Living in Babylon  
 2014-05-25  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 11:15-22  What Will You Reap?  Proverbs
 2014-05-25  Veiga, Lou  Romans 14:1-4  The Weaker Brother (1)  Romans
 2014-05-18  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 11:9-14  Your Speech Matters  Proverbs
 2014-05-18  Veiga, Lou  Romans 13:11-14  Christian, Wake Up!  Romans
 2014-05-11  Veiga, Lou  Romans 13:6-10  Debtors to Love  Romans
 2014-05-04  Veiga, Lou  Prov. 10:31-11:8  True Security (2)  Proverbs
 2014-05-04  Veiga, Lou  Romans 13:1-5  Submitting to God's Civil Authority  Romans
 2014-04-27  West, Ben  John 7:1-9  The World Versus Christ  
 2014-04-27  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:17-21  Overcoming Evil with Good  Romans
 2014-04-20  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 10:17-30  A Study in Contrasts  Proverbs
 2014-04-20  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:14-16  The Glory of Christian Service  Romans
 2014-04-13  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:13  A Primer on Christian Service  Romans
 2014-04-06  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 10:1-16  The Foundations of True Security  Proverbs
 2014-04-06  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:12-12  Fit to Serve God  Romans
 2014-03-30  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:9-11  Tuning the Heart for Service (unrecorded)  Romans
 2014-03-23  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 9:13-18   Beware of Sensual Provocation  Proverbs
 2014-03-23  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:3-8  Gifts for Service   Romans
 2014-03-16  Ashby, Linc  2 Chron. 33:1-16  Repentance Is Always an Option  
 2014-03-16  Martinez, Juan Carlos  Genesis 22:1-19  God Will Provide  
 2014-03-09  Veiga, Lou  Romans 12:1-2  Your Reasonable Service  Romans
 2014-03-02  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 9:7-12   Taking Correction  Proverbs
 2014-03-02  Veiga, Lou  Romans 11:33-36  Right Praise for God  Romans
 2014-02-23  West, Ben  John 6:35-45  A Gift Received or Rejected  
 2014-02-23  Veiga, Lou  Romans 11:25-32  God's Decree for Israel  Romans
 2014-02-16  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 8:32-36   Wisdom's Delightful Fellowship  Proverbs
 2014-02-16  Veiga, Lou  Romans 11:17-24  Ingrafting and Cutting Off  Romans
 2014-02-09  Veiga, Lou  Romans 11:11-16  God's Plans for Israel  Romans
 2014-02-02  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 9:1-6   Wisdom's Evangelism  Proverbs
 2014-02-02  Veiga, Lou  Romans 11:1-10  God Saves a Remnant of Israel  Romans
 2014-01-26  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 8:1-21   Wisdom's Gifts  Proverbs
 2014-01-26  Veiga, Lou  Romans 10:16-21  Not All Will Believe  Romans
 2014-01-19  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 7:1-27   The Foolish Son and the Adulteress  Proverbs
 2014-01-19  Veiga, Lou  Romans 10:14-15   The Universal Proclamation of the Gospel  Romans
 2014-01-12  Veiga, Lou  Romans 10:5-13    Works vs. Faith as Righteousness     Romans
 2014-01-05  Veiga, Lou  Proverbs 6:1-35   Avoiding Derailment     Proverbs
 2014-01-05  Veiga, Lou  Romans 10:1-4   God's Own Righteousness Prevails    Romans