"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
Covenant Church (PCA) - Houston, TX
Sunday, January 24, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Sermons Online - 2018

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 Date            Speaker               Scripture             Sermon Title                                                      Series                      
 2018-12-30  Veiga, Lou  Ruth 1:16  Holy Resolution  
 2018-12-30  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 10:1-7  All Will be Fulfilled  Revelation
 2018-12-23  Clay, Dan  John 1:1-14  Why Jesus Came  Christmas
 2018-12-23  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 9:13-21  Days of No Return  Revelation
 2018-12-16  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 134  Blessed Communion  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-12-16  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 9:1-12  A Precursor to Hell  Revelation
 2018-12-09  Clay, Dan  John 14:1-4  Facing the Unknown  Upper Room Discourse
 2018-12-02  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:27-30  The Single-Minded Church  Philippians
 2018-12-02  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 8:7-13  God Sends Plagues on Sinners  Revelation
 2018-11-25  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 132  God's Eternal Dwelling Place  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-11-25  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 8:1-6  The Rain of Sacred Fire  Revelation
 2018-11-18  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:19-26  A Personal Eschatology  Philippians
 2018-11-18  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 7:9-17  An Unnumbered Multitude Worship God as Savior  Revelation
 2018-11-11  Clay, Dan  John 13:33-38  Thy Kingdom Come (Part 2)  Upper Room Discourse
 2018-11-04  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 133  Our Blessed Unity  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-11-04  Veiga, Lou  Acts 2:38-47  Christ's Growing Kingdom  
 2018-10-28  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:15-18  Preaching Christ  Philippians
 2018-10-28  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 7:1-10  The Unnumbered Multitude of Worshipers  Revelation
 2018-10-21  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:12-14  What Matters Most  Philippians
 2018-10-21  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 7:1-8  God Seals His Redeemed  Revelation
 2018-10-14  Clay, Dan  John 13:31-38  Thy Kingdom Come (Part 1)  Upper Room Discourse
 2018-10-07  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 131  A Quiet Heart  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-10-07  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 6:12-17  The Great Day of God's Wrath  Revelation
 2018-09-30  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:7-11  Faithful Partnership in God's Kingdom  Philippians
 2018-09-30  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 6:9-11  God Comforts His Martyrs in Heaven  Revelation
 2018-09-23  Burke, David   1 Peter 1:1-5  A Charge to Shepherds  
 2018-09-23  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 6:1-8  The Wrath of the Lamb (Part 2): The Four Horsemen  Revelation
 2018-09-16  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:1-6  Pray for One Another  Philippians
 2018-09-16  Clay, Dan  John 13:18-30  Judas Cast Out  Upper Room Discourse
 2018-09-09  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 6:1-2  The Wrath of the Lamb (Part 1): The White Horse  Revelation
 2018-09-02  Clay, Dan  Philippians 1:1-2  Mission to Philippi  Philippians
 2018-09-02  Clay, Dan  John 13:1-18  Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet  Upper Room Discourse
 2018-08-26  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 130  Wait for God's Redemption  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-08-26  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 5:11-14  The Divine Sovereignty of the Lamb  Revelation
 2018-08-19  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 129  The Solidarity of the Suffering Church  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-08-19  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 5:5-10  The Lamb Alone Is Worthy  Revelation
 2018-08-12  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 5:1-4  The Ultimate Question  Revelation
 2018-08-05  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 128  Jehovah's Blessing Is Life  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-08-05  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 4:4-11  All Creation Worships the Creator in Heaven  Revelation
 2018-07-29  Clay, Dan  Mark 10:1-12  Marriage for the Common Good  
 2018-07-22  Clay, Dan  Ephesians 1:1-6  Election  
 2018-07-22  Clay, Dan  2 Corinthians 4:1-6  Do Not Lose Heart  
 2018-07-15  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 127  Why Ascend to Zion?  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-07-15  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 4:1-3  Worship in Heaven  Revelation
 2018-07-08  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 3:14-22  The Church That Disgusts Christ (Part 2)  Revelation
 2018-07-01  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 126  Jehovah's Pilgrims Celebrate in Zion  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-07-01  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 3:14-15  The Church That Disgusts Christ (Part 1)  Revelation
 2018-06-24  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 125  The Wicked Are Kept Away from Zion  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-06-24  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 3:7-13  The Church That God Keeps  Revelation
 2018-06-17  Zelaya, Andres  Colossians 3:12-17  New Life  
 2018-06-17  Zelaya, Andres  Luke 2:1-14  The Song of Peace   
 2018-06-10  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 3:1-6  The Church with the Wrong Name  Revelation
 2018-06-03  Clay, Dan  Exodus 2:11-15  A Stranger in a Strange Land  
 2018-06-03  Clay, Dan  1 Timothy 1:18-20  Fight the Good Fight  
 2018-05-27  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 124  Jehovah Delivers Israel  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-05-27  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 2:18-29  The Church That Would Rule with Christ  Revelation
 2018-05-20  West, Ben  Mark 2:18-22  Right for the Time  
 2018-05-20  West, Ben  Mark 2:13-17  Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners!  
 2018-05-13  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 2:12-17  The Church That Must Conquer  Revelation
 2018-05-06  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 123   The World's Contempt for Christians (unrecorded)  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-05-06  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 2:8-11  The Church That Must Endure Tribulation (unrecorded)  Revelation
 2018-04-29  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 2:1-7  The Church That Left Christ  Revelation
 2018-04-22  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 121  Jehovah Keeps You  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-04-22  Veiga, Lou  Rev. 1:9-11; 2:1  Christ's Ministry to the Seven Churches  Revelation
 2018-04-15  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 122  The House of the LORD  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-04-15  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:12-20  The Mystery of the Seven Golden Lampstands (Part 2)  Revelation
 2018-04-08  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:12-20  The Mystery of the Seven Golden Lampstands (Part 1)  Revelation
 2018-04-01  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 120  Pilgrims at Risk  Psalms of Ascent
 2018-04-01  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:10-11  The Final Word  Revelation
 2018-03-25  Veiga, Lou  Titus 3:12-15   Caring for the Church  Titus
 2018-03-25  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:9  Partaking in Christ's Sufferings  Revelation
 2018-03-18  Wagner, John  Daniel 5:1-31  The Handwriting on the Wall  
 2018-03-18  Wagner, John  Matthew 23:37-39  Lament for Jerusalem  
 2018-03-11  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:7-8  The Final Revelation  Revelation
 2018-03-04  Veiga, Lou  Titus 3:8-11   True vs. False Religion  Titus
 2018-03-04  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:4-6  The Gospel of the Trinity  Revelation
 2018-02-25  Veiga, Lou  Titus 3:3-7   Heirs with Christ  Titus 
 2018-02-25  Veiga, Lou  Revelation 1:1-3  Revelation Is for You  Revelation
 2018-02-18  Veiga, Lou  Titus 3:1-2   Meekness Pleases God  Titus 
 2018-02-18  Veiga, Lou  Hebrews 10:19-25  Drawing Near to God  
 2018-02-11  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 50:22-26  God Will Surely Visit You  Genesis
 2018-02-04  Veiga, Lou  Titus 2:14-15   Christ's Special People  Titus 
 2018-02-04  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 50:14-21  God Meant It for Good  Genesis
 2018-01-28  Veiga, Lou  Titus 2:9-13   The Model Servant  Titus 
 2018-01-28  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 50:1-13  An Honorable Burial  Genesis
 2018-01-21  Veiga, Lou  Titus 2:7-8   God's Standard for a Minister  Titus 
 2018-01-21  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 49:29-33  God Will Gather His People  Genesis 
 2018-01-14  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 49:22-28  Jacob's Prophecy (Part 3)  Genesis 
 2018-01-07  Veiga, Lou  Titus 2:2-6   A Godly People  Titus 
 2018-01-07  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 49:13-21  Jacob's Prophecy (Part 2)  Genesis