"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
Covenant Church (PCA) - Houston, TX
Sunday, January 24, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Sermons Online - 2012

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Archived sermons from the past can be access via the following links:
 Date            Speaker               Scripture             Sermon Title                                                      Series                      
 2012-12-30  Veiga, Lou  Micah 7:8-10  After Darkness, Light  Micah
 2012-12-30  Veiga, Lou  Luke 24:1-12  Very Strange News  Luke
 2012-12-23  Zugg, Julian  Col 1:11-14  After Darkness, Light  
 2012-12-23  Zugg, Julian   Luke 1:30-33  Do Not Fear, We Have Favor with God  
 2012-12-16  Rankin, Duncan   Luke 1:57-80   The Benedictus   
 2012-12-16  Rankin, Duncan  Luke 1:39-56  The Magnificat  
 2012-12-09  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:50-56  Jesus Is Honored in His Burial  Luke
 2012-12-02  Veiga, Lou  Micah 7:1-7  Lament and Hope for the Righteous  Micah
 2012-12-02  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:44-49  The Death of Jesus of Galilee  Luke
 2012-11-25  Veiga, Lou  Micah 6:9-16  Jehovah's Rod Corrects Sinners  Micah
 2012-11-25  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:32-43  Mockery and Faith at the Cross  Luke
 2012-11-18  Veiga, Lou  Micah 6:1-8  Why God Strives with You  Micah
 2012-11-18  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:26-31  Weep for Yourselves  Luke
 2012-11-11  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:12-25  The Good, the Bad, and the Justified  Luke
 2012-11-04  Veiga, Lou  Micah 5:10-15  No More Idols!  Micah
 2012-11-04  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:8-12  Seeking Jesus?  Luke
 2012-10-28  Veiga, Lou  Micah 5:7-9  For Refreshment and for Ravaging  Micah
 2012-10-28  Veiga, Lou  Luke 23:1-7  Responding to Jesus' Claims  Luke
 2012-10-21  Veiga, Lou  Micah 5:1-6  Israel's Coming Deliverer  Micah
 2012-10-21  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:63-71  Conspiracy Against the Son of God  Luke
 2012-10-14  Veiga, Lou   Luke 22:54-62  A Predictable Fall  Luke
 2012-10-07  Veiga, Lou  Micah 4:9-13  Zion's Agony & Future Victory  Micah
 2012-10-07  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:47-53  The Power of Darkness  Luke
 2012-09-30  Veiga, Lou  Micah 4:6-8  The Everlasting City of Zion  Micah
 2012-09-30  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:39-46  Earnest Prayer Against Temptation  Luke
 2012-09-23  Veiga, Lou  Micah 4:1-5  Zion Shall Be Exalted  Micah
 2012-09-23  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:35-38  Caution: Danger Ahead  Luke
 2012-09-16  Veiga, Lou  Micah 3:9-12  Jehovah Judges Unjust Israel  Micah
 2012-09-16  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:31-34  Christ Your Advocate  Luke
 2012-09-09  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:24-30  True Greatness  Luke
 2012-09-02  Veiga, Lou  Micah 3:5-8  Jehovah Deals with His Prophets  Micah
 2012-09-02  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:14-23  Christ Our Passover Lamb  Luke
 2012-08-26  Veiga, Lou  Micah 3:1-4  God Abandons Wicked Leaders  Micah
 2012-08-26  Veiga, Lou  Luke 22:7-13  Keeping the Feast  Luke
 2012-08-19  Veiga, Lou  Micah 2:12-13  Jehovah's Remnant  Micah
 2012-08-19  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:37-22:6  The Coming Collision  Luke
 2012-08-12  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:29-36  The End According to Jesus (Part 5)  Luke
 2012-08-05  Zugg, Julian  Hebrews 1:1-4  The Greatness of the Son  
 2012-08-05  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:25-28  The End According to Jesus (Part 4)  Luke
 2012-07-29  Veiga, Lou  Micah 2:6-11  God Will Not Keep Silent  Micah
 2012-07-29  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:20-24  The End According to Jesus (Part 3)  Luke
 2012-07-22  Zugg, Julian  1 Tim. 3:8-13  The Deacon  Church Government 
 2012-07-22  Zugg, Julian  1 Tim. 3:1-7  The Elder  Church Government
 2012-07-15  Veiga, Lou  Micah 2:1-5  God Deals with Wicked Schemers  Micah
 2012-07-15  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:10-19  The End According to Jesus (Part 2)  Luke
 2012-07-08  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:5-9  The End According to Jesus (Part 1) no recording  Luke
 2012-07-01  Veiga, Lou  Micah 1:8-16  Lament for Fallen Judah  Micah
 2012-07-01  Veiga, Lou  Luke 21:1-4  A Poor Widow's Offering  Luke
 2012-06-24  Arnoult, Blake  Psalm 88:1-18  I Cry Out Day and Night Before You  
 2012-06-24  Arnoult, Blake  John 11:17-27  Hope of the Future Resurrection Life  
 2012-06-17  Veiga, Lou  Micah 1:2-7  Idolatrous Samaria Is Ruined  Micah
 2012-06-17  Veiga, Lou  Luke 20:45-47  Beware of the Scribes!  Luke
 2012-06-10  Veiga, Lou  Luke 20:41-44  David's Son Is David's Lord  Luke
 2012-06-03  Veiga, Lou  Micah 1:1  Jehovah Still Speaks!  Micah
 2012-06-03  Veiga, Lou  Luke 20:19-26  Why Fight Christ?  Luke
 2012-05-27  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 50:1-23  God's Convocation  Psalms
 2012-05-27  Veiga, Lou  Luke 20:9-18  God Cares for His Vineyard  Luke
 2012-05-20  Matthews, Andrew  2 Peter 1:3-11  A More Sure Assurance  
 2012-05-20  Matthews, Andrew  Exodus 34:5-7  The Just and the Justifier  
 2012-05-13  Veiga, Lou  Luke 20:1-8  By What Authority?  Luke
 2012-05-06  Pipa, Joseph  Psalm 128:1-6  The Godly Family and the Church  
 2012-05-06  Arnoult, Blake  John 11:1-16  Jesus at the Crossroads  
 2012-04-29  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 2:1-12  Embrace the Son  Psalms
 2012-04-29  Veiga, Lou  Luke 19:45-48  Christ Cleanses the Temple  Luke
 2012-04-22  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 1:1-6  Who Is Blessed?  Psalms
 2012-04-22  Veiga, Lou  Luke 19:41-44  Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem  Luke
 2012-04-15  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 13:23-31  The Line of Promise  Nehemiah
 2012-04-15  Veiga, Lou  Luke 19:28-40  Jesus' Triumphal Entry  Luke
 2012-04-08  Veiga, Lou  Luke 20:27-40  The God of the Living  Luke
 2012-04-01  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 13:15-22  Keeping Sabbath  Nehemiah
 2012-04-01  Veiga, Lou  Luke 19:11-27  Where's Your Mina?  Luke
 2012-03-25  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 13:10-14  Maintaining the Ministry  Nehemiah
 2012-03-25  Veiga, Lou  Luke 19:1-10  Jesus Seeks and Saves the Lost  Luke
 2012-03-18  Zugg, Julian  John 4:1-15  Living Water to Satisfy the Soul  
 2012-03-18  Zugg, Julian  John 15:1-8  Abide in Me  
 2012-03-11  Veiga, Lou  Luke 18:35-43  The Nazarene, or the Son of David?  Luke
 2012-03-04  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 13:1-9  Holy to the Lord  Nehemiah
 2012-03-04  Veiga, Lou  Luke 18:31-34  Christ Must Suffer  Luke
 2012-02-26  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 12:27-47  The Holy City of God  Nehemiah
 2012-02-26  Veiga, Lou  Luke 18:18-30  Who Will Enter the Kingdom?  Luke
 2012-02-19  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 11:1-36  A Settled, Orderly Kingdom  Nehemiah
 2012-02-19  Veiga, Lou  Luke 18:15-17  A Kingdom for Children  Luke
 2012-02-12  Curto, Tony  Isaiah 6:1-8  God's Glory: Our Motive and Goal in Missions  Missions
 2012-02-12  Curto, Tony  Mt. 28:18-20  The Church: God's Agent in Missions  Missions
 2012-02-05  Veiga, Lou  Luke 18:9-14  Rejected or Accepted?  Luke
 2012-01-29  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 10:30-39  God's Holy People  Nehemiah
 2012-01-29  Veiga, Lou  Luke 18:1-8  Praying for Justice  Luke
 2012-01-22  Veiga, Lou  Neh, 10:1-29  The People of the Covenant  Nehemiah
 2012-01-22  Veiga, Lou  Luke 17:26-37  The Coming of the Son of Man  Luke
 2012-01-15  Veiga, Lou  Luke 17:20-25  The Coming of God's Kingdom  Luke
 2012-01-08  Veiga, Lou  Luke 17:11-19  One Grateful Leper  Luke
 2012-01-01  Matthews, Andrew  Peter 1:1-9  Our Living Hope  
 2012-01-01  Matthews, Andrew  Heb. 11:1-2  Commendable Faith