"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
Covenant Church (PCA) - Houston, TX
Sunday, January 24, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Sermons Online - 2017

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Archived sermons from the past can be access via the following links:
 Date            Speaker               Scripture             Sermon Title                                                      Series                      
 2017-12-31  Veiga, Lou  Titus 1:9-2:1   True Elders vs. False Teachers  Titus 
 2017-12-31  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 49:3-12  Jacob's Prophecy (Part 1)  Genesis 
 2017-12-24  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 72  God's Ideal King  
 2017-12-24  Veiga, Lou  Luke 2:25-33  The Greatest Sign  Christmas
 2017-12-17  Veiga, Lou  Titus 1:7-8   Qualified or Disqualified?  Titus 
 2017-12-17  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 49:1-2  God Assembles His People  Genesis 
 2017-12-10  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 48:1-22  Faith and Blessing  Genesis  
 2017-12-03  Zugg, Julian  John 21:12-25  Restoring Peter  
 2017-12-03  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 47:29-31  Your Dying Thoughts  Genesis 
 2017-11-26  Jimenez, Jaime  Matthew 18:21-35  Forgiving Others  
 2017-11-26  Zelaya, Andres  Psalm 60:1-12  God's Faithfulness
 2017-11-19  Veiga, Lou  Titus 1:6   Qualifications of an Elder  Titus 
 2017-11-19  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 47:1-10  Sojourners with God  Genesis 
 2017-11-12  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 47:11-28  Salt and Light  Genesis 
 2017-11-05  Zugg, Julian  Matthew 16:13-20   Jesus and His Church  
 2017-11-05  Zugg, Julian  John 21:1-14  The Risen Shepherd  
 2017-10-29  Veiga, Lou  Matthew 16:6-12   Leaven in Israel!  
 2017-10-29  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 46:28-34  God Renews His People  Genesis 
 2017-10-22  Veiga, Lou  Titus 1:5   Order in the Church  Titus 
 2017-10-22  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 46:5-27  The Ernest of a New World  Genesis 
 2017-10-15  Shumate, Jonathan  John 4:43-54   A Father's Heart  
 2017-10-15  Jimenez, Jaime  Mark 1:35-45   Welcome One Another  
 2017-10-08  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 46:1-4  Resolving Uncertainty and Fear  Genesis 
 2017-10-01  Veiga, Lou  Titus 1:4   The Common Faith   Titus 
 2017-10-01  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 45:16-28  God's Riches for You  Genesis 
 2017-09-24  Veiga, Lou  Titus 1:1-4   A Letter to a Faithful Evangelist   Titus 
 2017-09-24  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 45:1-15  Israel Is Saved!   Genesis 
 2017-09-17  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 41  Who Will Receive Mercy?  
 2017-09-17  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 44:18-34  Peacemaking: A Short Course   Genesis 
 2017-09-10  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 44:1-17  The Church on Trial   Genesis 
 2017-09-03  Veiga, Lou  Psalm 29  Jehovah Is King Over the Flood   Hurricane Harvey
 2017-08-20  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 3:15-18  Why Jesus Has Not Yet Returned   2 Peter
 2017-08-20  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 43:16-34  Marks of a Godly Leader   Genesis 
 2017-08-13  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 43:1-15  Who Will You Trust?   Genesis 
 2017-08-06  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 3:14  Ready for Christ's Return?   2 Peter
 2017-08-06  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 42:29-38  Distrust and Sorrow in the Church   Genesis 
 2017-07-30  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 42:21-28  Marks of a Good Conscience   Genesis 
 2017-07-23  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 3:11-13  Where Righteousness Dwells  2 Peter
 2017-07-23  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 42:6-20  A Necessary Trial   Genesis 
 2017-07-16  Zugg, Julian  Jonah 4:1-11   The Tender Mercies of Our God  Jonah
 2017-07-16  Zugg, Julian  John 20:19-31  In Order That You Might Believe    
 2017-07-02  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 3:1-10  Remember Christ's Second Coming  2 Peter
 2017-07-02  Veiga, Lou   Genesis 41:47-57  God's Word Is Sure    Genesis 
 2017-06-25  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 2:15b-22  Beware of False Teachers - Part 3  2 Peter
 2017-06-25  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 41:38-46  The Renewing Holy Spirit    Genesis
 2017-06-18  Zugg, Julian  Jonah 4:1-4   An Evil Prophet and a Gracious God   Jonah
 2017-06-18  Zugg, Julian  John 20:19-23  What a Difference a Resurrection Makes    
 2017-06-11  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 41:1-37  Knowing God's Will   Genesis
 2017-06-04  Rugg, John  John 9:1-7  How Many Ways Can You Spell Blind?  
 2017-06-04  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 40:1-22  The Forgotten Prophet  Genesis
 2017-05-28  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 2:10-15a  Beware of False Teachers - Part 2  2 Peter
 2017-05-28  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 39:21-23  Jehovah Is All You Need  Genesis
 2017-05-21  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 2:1-9  Beware of False Teacher - Part 1  2 Peter
 2017-05-21  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 39:6b-20  The Wrath of the Wicked  Genesis
 2017-05-14  Baker, Scott  Romans 16:1-16  The Church of Rome  
 2017-05-07  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 1:19-21  One Source of Light  2 Peter
 2017-05-07  Veiga, Lou   Genesis 39:1-6a   A Blessing to Others  Genesis
 2017-04-30  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 38:12-30   Great, Greater, and Greatest Sins  Genesis
 2017-04-23  Zugg, Julian  Jonah 3:1-10  Nineveh: A Study in Repentance  Jonah
 2017-04-23  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 38:1-11   A Rotten Story  Genesis
 2017-04-16  Zugg, Julian  Jonah 3:1-3  A Second Call and a New Obedience  Jonah
 2017-04-16  Zugg, Julian  John 20:11-18   Mary Sees the Risen Lord  Easter
 2017-04-09  Baker, Scott  Hebrews 12:18-24   Mount Sinai vs. Mount Zion   
 2017-04-02  West, Ben  1 John 2:15-17  Do Not Love the World  
 2017-04-02  Martinez, JC  Ruth 1:1-18   My Whole Heart   
 2017-03-26  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 1:16-18  Attesting the Majestic Glory  2 Peter
 2017-03-26  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 37:12-34   God's Israel: Godly and Ungodly   Genesis
 2017-03-19  West, Ben  Mark 2:1-12  Trust vs. Distrust   Mark
 2017-03-19  Zugg, Julian  Jonah 1:17-2:10  Jonah's Repentant Prayer   Jonah
 2017-03-12  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 37:1-11  Joseph's Scandalous Dream (Unrecorded)  Genesis
 2017-03-05  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 1:12-15   Remembering the Way  2 Peter
 2017-03-05  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 36:21-43  Apostasy and Her Children   Genesis
 2017-02-26  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 1:5-11   Entrance Into the Kingdom    2 Peter
 2017-02-26  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 35:21-29  Lust Ruins, God Establishes    Genesis
 2017-02-19  Veiga, Lou  2 Peter 1:1-4   Your Glorious Inheritance     2 Peter
 2017-02-19  Veiga, Lou  Matthew 28:18-20  Christian Baptism    
 2017-02-12  Veiga, Lou  Acts 6:1-7  Deacons in the Church   
 2017-02-05  Veiga, Lou  1 Peter 5:12-14  Stand Firm in Christ!   1 Peter
 2017-02-05  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 35:9-15  A Monument to Grace   Genesis
 2017-01-29  West, Ben  1 John 1:1-4  Fellowship and Joy in Christ  
 2017-01-29  Martinez, J. C.  Genesis 3:1-7, 17-24  Eden's End   
 2017-01-22  Veiga, Lou  1 Peter 5:8-11  Suffering Spiritual Adversity  1 Peter
 2017-01-22  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 35:1-8  Worship El at Bethel  Genesis
 2017-01-15  Veiga, Lou  1 Peter 5:5-7  Humility and Submission  1 Peter
 2017-01-15  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 34:1-31  The Wrath of Man  Genesis
 2017-01-08  Veiga, Lou  Genesis 33:18-20  A Believer's Tribute  Genesis
 2017-01-01  Thurman, Ken  Psalm 2:7-12  The Irresistible Rule of the Lord's Anointed (Part 2)  
 2017-01-01  Thurman, Ken  Psalm 2:1-7  The Irresistible Rule of the Lord's Anointed (Part 1)