"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
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Sunday, January 24, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Sermons Online - 2011

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Archived sermons from the past can be access via the following links:
Date Speaker Scripture
Sermon Title
2011-12-25 Veiga, Lou John 3:16b The Wondrous Gift of God Christmas
2011-12-25 Veiga, Lou John 3:16a The Wondrous Love of God Christmas
2011-12-18 Veiga, Lou Neh. 9:26-31 God Our Savior Nehemiah
2011-12-18 Veiga, Lou Luke 17:7-10 Antidote for Self-Righteousness Luke
2011-12-11 Veiga, Lou Luke 17:5-6 Growing in Faith Luke
2011-12-04 Veiga, Lou Neh. 9:16-25 Grace Abounding to Rebellious Israel Nehemiah
2011-12-04 Veiga, Lou Luke 17:1-4 Scandal in the Church Luke
2011-11-27 Veiga, Lou Neh. 9:6-15 God's Favor to His People Nehemiah
2011-11-27 Veiga, Lou Luke 16:19-31 Are You Persuaded? Luke
2011-11-20 Veiga, Lou Neh. 9:1-5 Renewal with God Nehemiah
2011-11-20 Veiga, Lou Luke 16:14-18 Law and Gospel Luke
2011-11-13 Veiga, Lou Luke 16:1-13 God's Stewards Luke
2011-11-06 Veiga, Lou Neh. 8:9-18 Understanding God's Word Nehemiah
2011-11-06 Veiga, Lou Luke 15:11-32 All Is Forgiven Luke
2011-10-30 Veiga, Lou Neh. 8:1-8 People of the Book Nehemiah
2011-10-30 Veiga, Lou Luke 15:8-10 God Restores Sinners Luke
2011-10-23 Veiga, Lou Neh. 7:1-4 Preserving God's Kingdom Nehemiah
2011-10-23 Veiga, Lou Luke 15:1-7 Jesus Seeks Lost Sinners Luke
2011-10-16 Veiga, Lou Neh. 6:15-19 Glory and Treachery in Israel Nehemiah
2011-10-16 Veiga, Lou Luke 14:25-35 The Cost of Discipleship Luke
2011-10-09 Veiga, Lou Luke 14:15-24 The Great Banquet Luke
2011-10-02 Zugg, Julian John 2:23-3:15 You Must Be Born Again  
2011-10-02 Zugg, Julian John 2:12-22 A New Temple  
2011-09-25 Zugg, Julian Josh. 5:13-6:17 The Basics of Christian Warfare  
2011-09-25 Zugg, Julian John 2:1-11 Jesus' First Sign  
2011-09-18 Veiga, Lou Neh. 6:1-14 Facing Opposition Nehemiah
2011-09-18 Veiga, Lou Luke 14:12-14 Your Dinner Guests Luke
2011-09-11 Veiga, Lou Luke 14:7-11 The Great Reversal Luke
2011-09-04 Veiga, Lou Neh. 5:1-19 Charity Must Prevail Nehemiah
2011-09-04 Veiga, Lou Luke 14:1-6 A Failed Plot Against Jesus Luke
2011-08-28 Veiga, Lou Neh. 4:10-23 Repairing God's Visible Kingdom Nehemiah
2011-08-28 Veiga, Lou Luke 13:31-35 The Savior's Desire Luke
2011-08-21 Veiga, Lou Neh. 4:1-9 The Irresolvable War Nehemiah
2011-08-21 Veiga, Lou Luke 13:22-30 The Narrow Door Luke
2011-08-14 Veiga, Lou Luke 13:18-21 God's Kingdom Triumphs Luke
2011-08-07 Wakeland, David John 9:35-38 A Grand Exchange  
2011-08-07 Crain, Billy Rom. 1:1-7 The Good News for All  
2011-07-31 Veiga, Lou Neh. 3:1-32 Evidences of God's Favor in the Church Nehemiah
2011-07-31 Veiga, Lou Luke 13:10-17 A Sabbath Deliverance Luke
2011-07-24 Veiga, Lou Neh. 2:9-20 Rebuilding Jerusalem Nehemiah
2011-07-24 Veiga, Lou Luke 13:1-9 Calamity Happens Luke
2011-07-17 Veiga, Lou Neh. 2:1-8 God's Favor Sustains Us Nehemiah
2011-07-17 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:54-59 Intepreting the Times Luke
2011-07-10 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:49-53 Baptism by Fire Luke
2011-07-03 Veiga, Lou Neh. 1:1-11 Caring for God's Church Nehemiah
2011-07-03 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:41-48 Christ Will Return as Judge Luke
2011-06-26 Veiga, Lou Acts 6:1-7 The Deacon's Service Church Government
2011-06-26 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:35-40 Watching for Christ's Return Luke
2011-06-19 Veiga, Lou 1 Tim. 3:8-13 The Qualities of a Deacon Church Government
2011-06-19 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:32-34 God's Cure for Anxiety (2) Luke
2011-06-12 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:22-31 God's Cure for Anxiety (1) Luke
2011-06-05 Veiga, Lou 1 Pe. 5:1-4 The Duties of Elders Church Government
2011-06-05 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:13-21 Beware of Covetousness Luke
2011-05-29 Combs, Billy Luke 18:1-8 The Sovereign God and Promises for Prayer  
2011-05-29 Crain, Billy Luke 21:15-19 Forgiveness and Restoration  
2011-05-22 Veiga, Lou 1 Tim. 3:1-7 The Qualities of an Overseer Church Government
2011-05-22 Veiga, Lou Luke 12:1-12 Beware of Hypocrisy Luke
2011-05-15 Veiga, Lou Titus 1:5-16 Governing God's Church Church Government
2011-05-15 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:45-54 Apostate Religion Luke
2011-05-08 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:37-44 Partial Obedience Is Hypocrisy Luke
2011-05-01 Veiga, Lou Ezra 10:9-44 Israel Is Restored Ezra
2011-05-01 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:33-36 Seeing the Light Luke
2011-04-24 Veiga, Lou Ezra 10:1-8 Recovering from Apostasy Ezra
2011-04-24 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:29-32 The Sign of Jonah Luke
2011-04-17 Terrell, John James 2:14-26 A Living Faith - It Works!  
2011-04-17 McKeown, Tim Eph. 2:1-10 People and Their Good Works  
2011-04-10 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:24-28 Who Is Blessed? Luke
2011-04-03 Veiga, Lou Ezra 9:1-15 Holy, by Grace Alone Ezra
2011-04-03 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:14-23 Jesus Christ, the Mighty God Luke
2011-03-27 Veiga, Lou Ezra 8:21-36 The Pilgrim's Journey Ezra
2011-03-27 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:5-13 God Answers Prayer Luke
2011-03-20 Veiga, Lou Ezra 8:1-20 Who's Missing? Ezra
2011-03-20 Veiga, Lou Luke 11:1-4 Learning to Pray Luke
2011-03-13 Zugg, Julian Rev. 4:1-11 The Throne Room of God  
2011-03-06 Veiga, Lou Ezra 7:11-28 Blessed Providence Ezra
2011-03-06 Veiga, Lou Luke 10:38-42 The Very Best Choice Luke
2011-02-27 Veiga, Lou Ezra 7:1-10 God's Leader Ezra
2011-02-27 Veiga, Lou Luke 10:25-37 Eternal Life Not by Works Luke
2011-02-20 Veiga, Lou Ezra 6:13-22 A Time to Celebrate Ezra
2011-02-20 Veiga, Lou Luke 10:21-24 The Mystery Is Revealed Luke
2011-02-13 Veiga, Lou Luke 10:17-20 Great Reasons to Rejoice Luke
2011-02-06 Veiga, Lou Ezra 6:1-12 Darius Protects Israel Ezra
2011-02-06 Veiga, Lou Luke 10:1-16 More Gospel Commissioners Luke
2011-01-30 Veiga, Lou Ezra 5:3-17 A Ready Answer Ezra
2011-01-30 Veiga, Lou Luke 9:57-62 Almost a Christian Luke
2011-01-23 Pipa, Joseph James 1:22-25 Practical Hearers  
2011-01-23 Veiga, Lou Luke 9:49-56 Zeal for the Kingdom Luke
2011-01-22 Pipa, Joseph 1 John 3:1-3 The Believer's Hope Wick Memorial
2011-01-16 Veiga, Lou Ezra 5:1-2 Kingdom Progress Ezra
2011-01-16 Veiga, Lou Luke 9:46-48 True Greatness Luke
2011-01-09 Veiga, Lou Luke 9:43b-45 A Mysterious Command Luke
2011-01-02 Combs, Billy Romans 5:1-11 Remembering God's Amazing Love, Part II  
2011-01-02 Crain, Billy John 15:1-4 The True Vine & the Gardener