"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
Covenant Church (PCA) - Houston, TX
Sunday, January 24, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ


by Dr. Joseph Pipa


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 Date             Speaker           Scripture           
 Sermon Title                                                   
 1985-09-08  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:1  James - The Man and the Book
 1985-09-29  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:1-8  God's Crucible
 1985-10-06  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:5-8  A Great Promise
 1985-10-13  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:9-12  The Rich Poor Man & the Poor Rich Man
 1985-10-27  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:13-15  The Birth of Sin
 1985-11-03  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:16-17  The Father of Lights
 1985-11-10  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:18  The Begetter
 1985-11-24  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:19-21  Receive the Word
 1985-12-01  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:21  Profitting from the Word (1)
 1985-12-08  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:21-27  Profitting from the Word (2)
 1985-12-15  Pipa, Joseph  James 1:26-27  True Religion
 1985-12-29  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:1-4  Wrong Values
 1986-01-05  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:5-7  Choose Sides
 1986-01-12  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:6-7  Foolish Choices
 1986-01-26  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:8-11  The Royal Law
 1986-02-16  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:12-13  Live & Die by the Law of Liberty
 1986-02-23  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:14-19  Faith, Dead or Alive?
 1986-03-02  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:20-24  The Justification of Faith
 1986-03-09  Pipa, Joseph  James 2:25-26  The Faith of a Prostitute
 1986-03-16  Pipa, Joseph  James 3:1-5  The Tiniest Power in the World
 1986-03-23  Pipa, Joseph  James 3:5-8  A Defiling Fire
 1986-04-06  Pipa, Joseph  James 3:9-12  The Tongue: A Hypocritical Power
 1986-04-20  Pipa, Joseph  James 3:12-16  Wisdom & Its Counterfeit
 1986-04-27  Pipa, Joseph  James 3:17-18  True Wisdom
 1986-05-04  Pipa, Joseph  James 4:1-3  An Unholy War
 1986-05-11  Pipa, Joseph  James 4:4-5  A Dangerous Friendship
 1986-05-18  Pipa, Joseph
 James 4:6-8
 Overcoming Sin
 1986-05-25  Pipa, Joseph  James 4:9-10  God's Prescription for Overcoming Sin
 1986-06-08  Pipa, Joseph  James 4:11-12  Pride's Judgment
 1986-06-15  Pipa, Joseph  James 4:13-17  Don't Count Your Chickens before They Hatch
 1986-06-29  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:1-6  Woe to the Ungodly Rich
 1986-07-06  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:7-8  Be Patient!
 1986-07-20  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:9-11  Don't Blame Me
 1986-07-27  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:12  What's in a Name?
 1986-08-03  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:13-15  The Rhythm of Life
 1986-08-10  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:16-18  The Church's Confession
 1986-08-10  Pipa, Joseph  James 5:19-20  God's Troubleshooters