"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
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Sunday, January 24, 2021
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Sermons Online - 2008

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Archived sermons from the past can be access via the following links:
 Date            Speaker               Scripture           
 Sermon Title                                                    
 2008-12-28  Wakeland, David  Gen. 3:1-15  The First Ray of Hope  Christmas 
 2008-12-28  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 7:16-8:3  The Battle Belongs to the Lord (1)  Judges 
 2008-12-21  Wakeland, David   Lk. 1:26-33   The Enduring Kingdom of Christ   Christmas 
 2008-12-21  Rankin, Clifton  Rom. 8:1-4  God's Gift of Life  
 2008-12-14  McDonald, Derick   Eccl. 9:1-18   The Light at the End of the Tunnel   Ecclesiastes 
 2008-12-07  Carrick, John  Acts 4:1-12  The Exclusiveness of Christ  
 2008-12-07  Carrick, John  Rom. 3:19-28  Christ: The Propitiation for Our Sins  
 2008-11-30  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 8:1-17  Joyful Submission????  Ecclesiastes
 2008-11-23  Curto, Tony  Jn. 14:1-6  The  Hope of Heaven (2)  
 2008-11-23  Curto, Tony  Jn. 14:1-6  The  Hope of Heaven (1)  
 2008-11-16  Wakeland, David  Heb. 12:4-11  God's Loving Correction   
 2008-11-16  Crain, Billy  Mt. 11:20-30  Woe and Rest   
 2008-11-09  Carroll, John  Mt. 20:1-16  The Parable of the Vineyard Workers  
 2008-11-02  Smith, Jeremy  Jer. 23:1-6  The Lord Is Our Righteousness  
 2008-11-02  Smith, Jeremy  Mark 6:30-44  Dinner Time!  
 2008-10-26  Mathews, Roland  Gen. 4:1-8  Faith, The Essence of Worship   
 2008-10-26  Mathews, Roland   1 Cor. 1:18-25  Christ, The Wisdom and Power of God   
 2008-10-19  Wakeland, David  John 4:1-6  The Needy, Thirsty Jesus  
 2008-10-19  Crain, Billy  Mt. 5:13-16  Salt and Light  
 2008-10-12  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 7:15-29  Humpty Dumpty People  Ecclesiastes
 2008-10-05  Stahl, Steve  Col. 1:1-8  Hope Springs Eternal ... Or Does It?  
 2008-10-05  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 6:10-7:14  Grey Matters  Ecclesiastes
 2008-09-28  Wakeland, David  John 3:22-36  The Willing Lesser Man  
 2008-09-28  Crain, Billy  Mt. 4:1-11  Jesus and Temptation  
 2008-09-21  Smith, Jeremy  Acts 4:23-31  Prayers of the Righteous Availeth Much  
 2008-09-21  Smith, Jeremy  2 Kings 6:8-23  The Eyes of Faith  
 2008-09-14  None    Services Cancelled Due to Hurricane Ike  
 2008-09-07  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 6:33-7:15  Gideon's Struggle of Faith   Judges 
 2008-09-07  Carroll, John  Luke 18:9-14  Two Men Praying  
 2008-08-31  Stahl, Steve  Acts 17:16-31  The Christian vs. the Culture  
 2008-08-31  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 5:18-6:12  Mot in the Heart  Ecclesiastes
 2008-08-24  Stahl, Steve  2 Cor. 4:7-15  Treasure in Clay Jars  
 2008-08-24  Crain, Billy  Psalm 121:1-6  Where Does Your Help Come From?  
 2008-08-17  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 6:1-32  The Call & Commissioning of Gideon  Judges
 2008-08-17  Cook, Robert  Ex. 33:18-4:9   Defining God  
 2008-08-10  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 5:1-20   Living Within the Ark  Ecclesiastes 
 2008-08-03  Shaw, Benjamin  Lev. 23:9-14  First-Fruits  
 2008-08-03  Shaw, Benjamin  Lev. 23:1-8   Passover  
 2008-07-27  Wakeland, David  John 3:16-17   Love So Amazing, So Divine  
 2008-07-27  Crain, Billy  Phil. 2:12-13   Working Out Our Salvation with Fear & Trembling  
 2008-07-20  McGoldrick, James  John 13:1-17   Playing Little Games   
 2008-07-20  McGoldrick, James  Rom. 1:1-17   Let Us Pray!   
 2008-07-13  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 4:1-16   Life in the Ark   Ecclesiastes 
 2008-07-06  Shaw, Benjamin  Psalm 93:1-5  The Lord Reigns  
 2008-07-06  Shaw, Benjamin  Psalm 88:1-18  The Life of Darkness  
 2008-06-29  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 5:1-31  The Song of Deborah and Barak  Judges
 2008-06-22  Lindauer, Doug  Psalm 1:4-6  The Cursed Man  
 2008-06-22  Crain, Billy  Phil. 2:5-11  The Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ  
 2008-06-15  Pipa, Joseph  Psalm 128:1-6  The Church and the Family  Church Psalms
 2008-06-15  Pipa, Joseph  Psalm 100:1-5  The Church at Worship  Church Psalms
 2008-06-08  Pipa, Joseph  Psalm 96:1-13  The Work of the Church  Church Psalms
 2008-06-08  Pipa, Joseph  Psalm 87:1-7  The Glory of the Church  Church Psalms
 2008-06-01  Carroll, John  Mt. 22:1-14  The Wedding Feast  
 2008-05-25  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 4:1-24  Deborah and Barak - The Battle  Judges
 2008-05-25  Cook, Robert  Mt. 26:36-46  Irrestible  
 2008-05-18  Wakeland, David  Prov. 3:5-6  Trusting God in Troublesome Times  
 2008-05-18  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 3:1-15  A Beautiful Box  Ecclesiastes
 2008-05-11  Carroll, John  Luke 15:1-32  Found and Lost  
 2008-05-04  Lindauer, Doug  Psalm 1:1-3  The Blessed Man  
 2008-05-04  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 3:12-31  Ehud  Judges
 2008-04-27  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 3:7-11  The Cycles of the Judges - Othniel  Judges
 2008-04-27  Crain, Billy  Phil. 2:1-4  Unity, Humilty, and Joy  
 2008-04-20  Wakeland, David  James 1:1-4  The Great Paradox  
 2008-04-20  Rankin, Clifton  Rom. 1:1-7  The Gospel of God  
 2008-04-13  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 2:1-26  Ptolemaen Hearts  Ecclesiastes
 2008-04-06  Muntsinger, Dave  Ex. 6:1-12  Preach the Gospel to Yourself  
 2008-04-06  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 2:20-3:6  The Testing and Failure of Israel  Judges
 2008-03-30  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 2:6-20  The Canaanization of the Church (2)  Judges
 2008-03-30  McDonald, Derick  Eccl. 1:1-18  Knocking 'god' Off His Throne  Ecclesiastes
 2008-03-23  Wakeland, David  Mt. 26:47-56  Dominating the Dominion of Death  Easter 
 2008-03-23  Rowe, Ronnie  1 Cor. 15:1-58  Resurrection Blessings: Past, Present, Future  Easter 
 2008-03-16  Zugg, Julian  Neh. 6:1-19  Through Many Dangers, Toils, & Snares (3)  Nehemiah
 2008-03-16  Zugg, Julian  Neh. 5:1-19  Through Many Dangers, Toils, & Snares (2)  Nehemiah
 2008-03-09  Zugg, Julian  Neh. 4:1-23  Through Many Dangers, Toils, & Snares (1)  Nehemiah
 2008-03-02  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 1:22-2:5  The Canaanization of the Church (1)  Judges
 2008-03-02  Cook, Robert  John 4:1-30  Unmasked  
 2008-02-24  Thurman, Ken  Jdg. 1:1-21  A Good Beginning  Judges
 2008-02-24  Crain, Billy  Phil. 3:1-11  The Righteousness that Comes by Faith  
 2008-02-17  Zugg, Julian  Neh. 3:1-32  Blessed Builders   Nehemiah
 2008-02-17  Zugg, Julian  Psalm 23:3-6  The Great Shepherd (2)  
 2008-02-10  Jones, Peter  2 Cor. 6:14-7:1  TC06: Holy Living in an Unholy World  2008 Theo Con 
 2008-02-10  Jones, Peter  1 Ki. 18:1-46   TC05: Carmel: The Antithesis in Technicolor  2008 Theo Con 
 2008-02-10  Jones, Peter  None  TC04: The Emergent Church: Gospel of Man   2008 Theo Con 
 2008-02-09  Jones, Peter  None   TC03: Gospel Truths vs. Pagan Lies: Q&A   2008 Theo Con
 2008-02-09  Jones, Peter  None   TC02: New Age: The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back  2008 Theo Con 
 2008-02-09  Jones, Peter  None  TC01: Resurgent Paganism: An Overview  2008 Theo Con
 2008-02-03  Zugg, Julian  Neh. 2:1-20  From "the king's palace" to "The King's Palace"  Nehemiah
 2008-02-03  Zugg, Julian  Psalm 23:1-4  The Great Shepherd (1)  
 2008-01-27  Zugg, Julian  Neh. 1:1-11  The Power of Prayer in the Palace  Nehemiah
 2008-01-27  Roane, Bob  Luke 5:27-32  Jesus: Friend of Sinners  
 2008-01-20  Zugg, Julian  Eph. 2:19-22  The Church Is One Foundation  
 2008-01-20  Cook, Robert  Heb. 4:14-5:7  The Beauty of the Throne  
 2008-01-13  Zugg, Julian  Luke 5:12-16  Jesus Makes the Unclean Clean  
 2008-01-06  Zugg, Julian  Gal. 4:1-7  Redeemed to Sonship  Galatians
 2008-01-06  Roane, Bob  Jude 14-16  The Hour Glass  Jude