"All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep His covenant and His testimonies" (Psalm 25:10).
Covenant Church (PCA) - Houston, TX
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Transforming Hearts, Conforming to Christ

Worship Order - Evening

eEvening Worship Service f 

                April 21, 2019
Theme:  The Resurrection of Christ

Missionary Update
Silent Prayer
Call to Worship:  Psalm 118:22-24
Prayer of Adoration, Invocation & Confession
Hymn of Adoration:  #273 "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today"
Confession of Faith:  Westminster Shorter Catechism questions #101-102      

       Q. 101. What do we pray for in the first petition?
       A. In the first petition, which is, Hallowed be thy name, we pray that God would enable us, and others, to glorify him in all that   
           whereby he maketh himself known; and that he would dispose all things to his own glory.

       Q. 102. What do we pray for in the second petition?
. In the second petition, which is, Thy kingdom come, we pray that Satan’s kingdom may be destroyed; and that the kingdom of   
            grace may be advanced, ourselves and others brought into it, and kept in it; and that the kingdom of glory may be hastened.

Offering and Prayer for Offering

Psalter of Thanksgiving:  98A "O Sing a New Song to the LORD"

Supplication of Congregants
Hymn of Preparation:  #278 "That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright" 
Reading of God's Word:   Luke 24:1-12
Lord's Supper

Prayer of Illumination
Sermon: "Witnesses of the Resurrection"
Prayer of Application 
Hymn of Response:  #286 "Worship Christ, the Risen King"
 "Witnesses of the Resurrection"
Luke 24:1-12
Rev. Dan Clay, Associate Pastor

Teaching:  The resurrection began the renewal of all creation and the mission of the church that is composed of every tribe, tongue and nation under heaven.

 I.  The Discovery of the Resurrection, (v.1-5)

II.  The Necessity of God's Plan, (v. 6-7)

III. Jesus Was Raised on the Third Day, (v.8-12)
        A.  This text gives us direction in sharing our faith.
        B.  This text helps us prepare for the future.
        C.  This text points us to the renewal of all creation.